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Meet Kathryn, better known as Kit Kat. She is a lively young girl who is fascinated with nature. By second grade, while Kit Kat is still turning over rocks and making friends with lizards, her friends are all reading … and enjoying it!! As it turns out, Kit Kat is struggling to read. She just can’t seem to make sense of the letters on the page. Her parents and teachers work together to get her the right type of instruction for a child with dyslexia. With hard work and perseverance, Kit Kat becomes a successful reader and it opens up a whole new world for her.

Meet the Author

Mary Jane Martin is a seasoned educator who is certified as a Structured Literacy and Dyslexia Specialist (C-SLDS). She is passionate about providing quality, effective reading and writing remediation that is rooted in evidence-based practice. She is a mother of a four with Kathryn, (Kit Kat) her youngest, being the inspiration for this book as well as her life’s work supporting children and families on their literacy journey.

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